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China Academy of Culture is a non-profit organization( NGO) initiated by China Energy Fund Committee (CEFC), an outstanding industrialist and philanthropist,is the chairman of the board.Mr. XU Jialu, famous linguist and Vice Chairman of the Ninth and Tenth National People’s Congress Standing Committee,elected the president of CIOC. With branches in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and other places, China Academy of Culture establishes China Publishing House, China News Agency and China Think Tank Alliance Committee, publishing a series of high-class cultural periodicals and books such as New Perspectives on Chinese Culture.

China Academy of Culture is aiming at “Inheriting Chinese Culture and Harmonizing World Civilizations”, serving the National cultural development strategy, “go global” strategy of Chinese culture as well as the growing cultural needs of the ordinary people, reflecting the consciousness, self-confidence and self- strengthening of Chinese culture. China Academy of Culture is committed to the research of traditional Chinese culture and spreading the essence to the world, with the goal of developing the “Chinese Cultural Development Think Tank”. Through the integration of cultural strengths, uniting cultural organizations around the globe, creating a high-level platform for cultural communication and exchange.

China Academy of Culture is committed to promoting and inheriting Chinese culture through the principal of “One Unity with Two Wings”. “One Unity” implies the ethical and philosophical concepts of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, which advocate the Chinese worldview, values, ethics and aesthetics; while “Two Wings” refers to the culture of traditional Chinese medicine and tea culture, both of which embody the visible form of traditional Chinese culture most systematically, vividly, particularly and practically. The principal will share the essence of traditional Chinese culture with the international community for the benefit of all mankind.

China Academy of Culture signed the “8+1” Culture Alliance Cooperation and Development Agreement with International Society for Chinese Language Teaching, Association for Yan Huang Culture of China, Chinese Culture Promotion Society, China Great Wall Society, Nishan Forum Committee, Institute for Advanced Study of the Humanities and Religion–Beijing Normal University, Advanced Institute for Confucian Studies—Shandong University and http://www.china-efe.org. Jointly promoting the development of Chinese culture by combining strengths and sharing resources among alliance members.

In 2016, under the leadership of President XU Jialu, China Academy of Culture has organized “The 4th Cross-strait University Students’ Cultural Experiencing Camp — Volunteer Culture Trip”, “The Grand Music Dance Drama ‘DI Zi Gui’”, “The 3rd Tea Culture Summit & 8th International Tea Culture Festival”, “The Publication Ceremony and Photo Exhibition of The Discovery of Haihunhou Tomb and the Life of its Mast”, “Dunhuang Conference on Sutra Transmission and Translation in Dunhuang”, “Journey of Ethnic Culture – The Fifth Cross-strait University Students’ Culture Experiencing Camp”, “Summit Forum on Wang Yangming’s Philosophy”, “2016 Hong Kong Secondary School Chinese Culture Essay Writing Competition” and “2016 International Sinology Forum”.

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