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The more good deeds, the closer to the principle


Vice chairman of the ninth and tenth standing commitee of the National People’s Congress
President of China Academy of Culture Limited

With a recorded history, the ancient civilizations of Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Indian have been either declined or disappeared, only Chinese civilization is able to be reserved and develop in modern time. What is the power of such civilization and what unique values it possess under the multiculturalism of modern world? In order to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, what shall we do to carry forward the glorious tradition of our own culture? All in all, the commission of China Institute of Culture (CIOC) can be understood as Inheriting Chinese Culture; Harmonizing World Civilizations.

In the context of multiculturalism and diverse interests under the international pattern, our extensive and profound traditional Chinese culture shall be compatible with the world civilization. Harmony, respect and mutual understanding are the basis for dialogue among different cultures and integration of human civilization. We sincerely hope that CIOC could make its best contribution for it.

The orientation of CIOC is focused not only on high culture, but also the down-to-earth culture issues that related to people’s daily life. The institute can be viewed as an influential platform for public cultural diplomacy. Therefore we aim to integrate cultural resources, to develop new cultural field and to make different civilizations seen and heard upon CIOC platform.

The more good deeds, the closer to the moral virtue. We believe that when world peace and harmony become the common purpose of all cultures, the human civilizations will be embraced with a brighter new chapter of history.